BR-T Thrust, Marine, Mobile

BR-T Thrust, Marine, Mobile


The BR-T isolator, available in 3 housing sizes, load capacity range from 800 to 12,000 lbs (see brochures), incorporates a limit stop to prevent excessive vertical motion and rocking motion of isolated equipment in ships, locomotives, trailers, etc. It is a useful isolator also where high lateral loading of stationary equipment may occur due to wind and/or earthquake loading. The neoprene bumpers can be easily adjusted to accommodate the actual working height of the isolator as well as to limit the random motions to any desired degree.

The BR-T isolators have special flexible thrust carrying devices which permit them to carry full thrust load without “locking up” so that they are capable of providing effective isolation of the engine-generated vibration over the entire speed range.

The leveling screw and the additional cap screw securely fasten the equipment sub-base to the top of the isolator. As with all LO-REZ isolators there are neoprene dampers inside each end of the isolator to withstand lateral (including crash) forces – so obviating need for any external chocks.

The “Soft-Mount” Package” for marine propulsion.